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"Introducing a bundle of love for Brandon Boyer, with more than 30 indie games (and counting) just for you!

Humble Bundle has teamed with independent developers to put together a bundle like no other. To help support this cause, pay at least $25 to receive a ton of games and all proceeds will go directly to the Brandon Boyer Cancer Treatment Relief fund. In addition to Brandon’s medical bills for cancer treatment, the excess funds from this promotion will be donated to a select cancer research organization.”

We don’t actually have a game in this ourselves, but we wanted to help give it some exposure. Get well soon, Brandon! <3

00:39:00 09-03-2014

Erik’s been working suuuper hard for the last few days trying to make the game perform better and we think he’s finally cracked it!

There are still going to be the odd bugs here and there (this was a game made in a very short amount of time) but the game should play better everywhere very shortly.

As always, you can play the game on the following sites:

22:11:00 07-03-2014


We made a game for the Flappy Jam! It was a small game jam where you made a game based off of the ever popular Flappy Bird. We also based our game off of Sonic the Hedgehog.
(please don’t sue us Sega, we are very poor ;__; )

Our game is currently available to play on;

02:06:39 22-02-2014

Seeing as Sky Panda has cracked a million views now, we figured there’s no harm in sharing a video of one of our own runs.

Here’s Erik getting the Speedrun Achievement.

Not either of our best times, but not too bad!

For us, these numbers are crazy. We’ve never made anything that’s gotten so much attention before. Here’s hoping it’s the first Million of many! 

We actually hit a Million the other day but I’m just getting around to updating this now, so the numbers are all as recorded today. 

Views: 1,013,189

Deaths: 16,748,198

Bad Ending: 1015

Good Ending: 71

Speedrun: 746

I wish we could do something to celebrate like put Sky Panda on sale or something, but it’s a free game! So just go play it already!

Thanks everyone! 

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